Who Are Childlit

Who we are
The Children’s Literature Research Unit was established in 1996. It functions as a Unit of the Department of Information Science of the University of South Africa.
The mission of the Unit is to promote children’s literature and reading through study, research, community programmes and other promotion activities.                                                   


  • To carry out and encourage research in the field of
    children’s literature.
  • To disseminate research findings through seminars,
    workshops, conferences, exhibitions, publications, et
  • To support the University of South Africa’s commitment to
    community service.
  • To promote children’s reading and literature and especially
    South African children’s literature.
  • To promote interest and understanding of children’s
    literature through teaching at both undergraduate and
    postgraduate levels.
  • To build up a research collection of children’s literature for
    use by students and researchers.